Investing in our professional photography services means entrusting your event to experienced hands dedicated to capturing every precious moment. Our thoughtfully structured pricing reflects the comprehensive service we provide, covering everything from pre-event consultation and professional setup to meticulous post-event editing and delivery of high-resolution digital images. We ensure transparent, fair pricing with no hidden costs, and offer a range of optional add-ons to suit your specific needs. Secure your date today and let us help you create lasting memories with quality photography.



Event Coverage - 1 Photographer

Ideal for small to medium-sized events, ensuring that all key moments are documented with professional quality & care. 2 hr minimum

STARTS AT $250/hr

Event Coverage - 2 Photographers

For larger events or those with simultaneous activities. Provides comprehensive coverage & ensures that no important moment is missed. 2 hr minimum

STARTS AT $425/hr


Q: How do I determine how many photographers are needed for my event?

The number of photographers needed depends on the size and type of your event. For small to medium-sized events (up to 150 guests), one photographer is usually sufficient to cover all key moments. For larger events or those with multiple activities happening simultaneously, having two or more photographers ensures comprehensive coverage. During our consultation, we will assess your event’s specific requirements and recommend the optimal number of photographers.

Q: How long should I book photography services for my event?

The duration of photography services depends on the schedule and activities of your event. For example, weddings typically require 8-12 hours of coverage to capture everything from preparation to the reception. Corporate events might need 4-6 hours, depending on the agenda. During our consultation, we will discuss your event timeline in detail and suggest the appropriate length of coverage to ensure no important moments are missed.

Q: Do you offer on-site printing services, and how does it work?

Yes, we offer on-site printing services to provide guests with immediate keepsakes from your event. Our professional printing setup allows us to produce high-quality prints quickly and efficiently during the event.

Q: How is the pricing structured for on-site printing services?

We offer two pricing options for on-site printing services:

Client Pre-Paid Option: You, as the event host, can pre-pay for all prints. This option is ideal for ensuring all guests receive a print without any cost to them. We will provide a package rate based on the expected number of prints and the duration of the event.

Guest Payment Option: Guests can pay for their prints individually at the event. This option incurs a setup fee to cover the cost of bringing and setting up the printing equipment. The guests can then choose and pay for the prints they want, providing a flexible and convenient option for both the host and the attendees.

Q: What is included in the setup fee for guest-paid on-site printing?

The setup fee covers the transportation and installation of the printing equipment, on-site staff to operate the printers, and the initial preparation needed to ensure everything runs smoothly. This fee ensures that we can provide a seamless and professional printing service for your event.